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NT 424/624/824 New Testament Backgrounds
by Johnathan Pritchett - Thursday, February 26, 2015, 02:04 PM
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Here is a testimonial:

I am so grateful that Trinity offered The New Testament Background class. My desire is to teach a fuller, deeper and richer panorama of the Bible; this class has definitely affected my understanding and therefore my teaching of the New Testament.

Concepts such as 'Honor & Shame' widened my understanding of the 'underlying' importance of the genealogy lists and pedigree of Jesus and why the question was asked, "Can anything good come from Nazareth?" In fact, on a recent trip to Jordan, I spoke with a Jordanian man who gave a present day honor and shame example he was living! The only reason I was aware of this paradigm was because of this class. This class too grew my limited knowledge of the Intertestamental Period. To grasp what life and society was like when God came to earth in the man Jesus is so necessary and helpful!

The 'Challenge/Riposte' paradigm completely changed how I understand the public interactions between the religious leaders/Pharisees and Jesus. This was one of my favorite New Testament background concepts learned.

Another paradigm that increased my understanding of the person and character of God was the principle of 'Patronage and Grace'  

To better understand and apply the Bible, one must better understand the society and people originally being spoken to.

Professor Pritchett is knowledgeable and engaging. His passion for this subject is evident.

I highly recommend this class and would like to see it expanded!

In Christ,
Beverly Kelling
M.A. Biblical Studies Major
Picture of Johnathan Pritchett
Three Principles for Becoming a More Productive Ministry Leader - By Braxton Hunter
by Johnathan Pritchett - Wednesday, February 25, 2015, 01:15 PM
Utter apathy! That was my feeling as I sat there running my index finger around the circumference of my plastic water bottle. To my right was Roy Fish, Professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. To my left was a seasoned veteran of evangelism. Both of these well-dressed men seemed enthusiastic about the event. Both of them had previously been asked to serve in this same capacity many times. I had not. Why was I so disinterested? After all, this would be good for my career. It would look good on a resume. My own organization would get better exposure. Yet, in the midst of all of the fanfare, I was painfully bored. It was 2010 and the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists (COSBE) was on the verge of electing a new president. At twenty-nine I was the second youngest member of the Southern Baptist Convention’s outreach arm of itinerant speakers. I should have been thrilled to be asked to speak. I wasn’t. Then it happened.

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The statement, “Christianity is not about a bunch of do’s and don’t’s,” is a bit ridiculous… - By Johnathan Pritchett
by Johnathan Pritchett - Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 03:37 PM
I find troubling statements like “Christianity is not about a bunch of do’s and don’t’s.” Sadly (for some, not me), the Bible protests against such statements, however popular they are. Avoiding the whole relationship between “Law and Gospel,” or “Law and Grace,” or “Biblical commands or principles,” or however one wants to deal with the related issues of Old Covenant and the New Covenant, or to there being New Covenant commands and how they function in and for believers, and just sticking to the New Testament in general; those under grace are given a whole bunch of “do’s” and “don’t's.” There is no way around it. There is nothing wrong with it either. The “do’s and don’t's” are from God.

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Picture of Johnathan Pritchett
Trinity Produces Graduates Who Make A Difference!
by Johnathan Pritchett - Friday, February 20, 2015, 04:59 PM

Here is a list of just a few of our graduates and what they are doing:

  • Dr. B. Rick Curtis, West Region Mobilizer for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Dr. Larry D. Soderquist, Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University Law School
  • Mr. Kim Hammer, Arkansas House of Representatives
  • Dr. Gil Stafford, former President of Grand Canyon University and baseball coach at GCU
  • Rev. Yaahn G. Hunter, Superintendent for COGIC
  • Dr. Dean Doster, former Executive Director of Louisiana Baptist Convention
  • Dr. James L. Clark, President of Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO
  • Mr. Harry Samual Seamans, Bishop / Reformed Episcopal Church
  • Dr. Kevin Pat Parnell, Father of former Lt. Governor of Alaska, Sean Parnell
  • Dr. Joel Southerland,  Executive Director of Evangelism Strategy at North American Mission Board
  • Dr. Mark Deckard, Faculty at Faith Theological Seminary & Adjunct Professor at Lancaster Bible College & Graduate School
  • Dr. John D Fozard, President of Mid America Christian University in Oklahoma City, OK
  • Dr. Larry W. Jordan  President of Maple Springs Baptist Bible College & Seminary in Capital Heights, MD
  • Dr. Tracy Marx, Faculty at Louisville Bible College, Louisville, KY
  •  Dr. Kenneth Beding, Faculty, Talbot School of Theology at Biola University, La Mirada, CA
  • Dr. Mark Carroll, Professor of Youth Ministry at Grace Bible College in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Dr. Ronald J Kovack, President (ret.), Knox Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Ed Bulkley, Faculty, Veritas Evangelical Seminary
  • Dr. Bauta Motty, Provost, ECWA Theological Seminary
  • Dr. Daniel Chadwick, Professor, Taylor University Online
  • Dr. Paul Madtes, Jr., Professor, Mount Vernon Nazarene University
  • Dr. Mark Isaacs, Professor, UTS
  • Dr. John Noe, Author
  • Dr. David L. Owen, Faculty at Pacific Islands University
  • Mr. Steven Stinnette, Faculty at Pacific Islands University
  • Dr. Hun Sung Park, Faculty at International Reformed University and Seminary
  • Dr. Bryan Hughes, Faculty at Montanna Bible College
  • Dr. J.D. Davis, Pastor, Dublin Baptist Church, Ohio
  • Dr. Steven Collins, Faculty, Veritas Evangelical Seminary
  •  Dr. Charlie Wilson, Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Crandall, TX. Former pastor of Sunnyvale First Baptist Church,  Sunnyvale, TX
  • Dr. Danny Burnley, Pastor of Laurel Baptist Church, Greenville, SC. Former President of the South Carolina Baptist Convention
  • Mr. Stephen Goode, Pastor, Author, Host of The Biblical Counseling Moment podcast
  • Dr. Bruce Guckelberg, Pastor, Lombard bible Church, Lombard, IL
  • Dr. Eddie Leopard, Pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, Greer, SC

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